From Facebook and eBay to Gumtree and Depop, we walk through the pros and cons of each for shifting junk.
The auction website said such items sought to “profit from human tragedy or suffering”.
Edda was sold online for 750 euros.
The items feature an illustration of 16-year-old Harvey and the phrase “Ho Ho Hello You C***”.
"Faux fur" bobble hats, shoes and jumpers found to include real fur.
The auction site claims Amazon representatives used eBay messages to lure users away.
Don't miss out on a commemorative fridge magnet.
Online retailers under pressure amid fears fetal heartbeat monitors delay mothers seeking medical help.
In fact for many shoppers in the UK, physical media is still the preference over digital - 52% of Brits said they preferred real books, vinyl, or discs to digital downloads. In the last year, over three quarters of UK shoppers, more than 39 million people, bought a physical media item.
As tech continues to change the way we live our lives, many commentators have taken to the line that our obsession with mobile