27/12/2012 05:02 GMT

China Opens World's Longest High Speed Bullet Train Service (PICTURES)

China has launched the world's longest bullet train service - a 1,425 mile line with rains that travels at 186mph.

The service between the capital, Beijing, and Guangzhou, in the south of the country cuts a previous journey of 22 hours down to just eight, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Despite the impressive figures, China's bullet train service has been racked by scandal in recent years.

bullet train

The line has been costly for China's railways ministry which is now in £190bn in debt

A crash in 2011 that killed 40 people, sparked a huge public outcry over the perceived haste of construction and the corruption of officials involved in the build.

An investigation blamed the crash on a signal malfunction and as a result, the top speed of China's bullet trains was reduced by 30mph, the Guardian said.

In March of this year a 300 metre section of track in the Hubei province collapsed two months before it was due to open.

An industry whistleblower told media agencies that earth had been used instead of gravel meaning heavy rains simply washed it away.

The latest section means that China now has 5,809 miles of high speed track, with officials hoping trains will take some pressure off the country's roads and airports.