28/12/2012 07:53 GMT | Updated 28/12/2012 13:23 GMT

Man And Dog Rescued From Freezing Lake Erie, Michigan (VIDEO)

A man who tried to rescue his cousin's dog from the freezing waters of Lake Erie in Michigan became stuck next to the Walker Coonhound for more than an hour and a half after he too fell through the ice.

Jim Swayze was out walking with 11-year-old Bart when the hound wandered away from him, according to CNN.

Although he tried to run after and reach his beloved pet, he became stranded and wasn't able to reach the hound, reported the Associated Press.

He called his cousin Lance Eicher to help him rescue his best friend, but despite wearing waders, Eicher fell through the ice just before he reached Bart, who was holding himself up with his two front paws.

Eicher told Sky 4: "I just wasn't thinking. I just wanted to try to rescue the friend of the family. [The ice] broke and I fell in, and I was probably about 3 and 1/2 feet deep."

The pair then only had each other to keep warm. Eicher told Sky 4 he was rubbing the pooch and talking to him to keep him warm and calm.

Despite it not being his pet, he said he had no regrets as "I kind of looked and said, what if this was my dog? What if I was in the same situation? I would hope somebody would try to do the same thing."

Take a look through the pictures to see the rescue operation in more detail.