28/12/2012 14:05 GMT

Year In Review 2012: Take Our News Quiz Of The Year

It's been a funny old year. From the French and US elections to 'arrogant posh boys' at home, political headlines have seen riotous laughter (or should we say 'lol') as well as post-Leveson sobriety.

Britain's got talent it seems, if you look in the kennels, and Downton Abbey has made us all long for days gone by (as long as you're 'upstairs' dahling).

It's been a year of sporting triumph, from the Tour de France to the Olympics. Records were smashed, cheers were trumpeted and with the Diamond Jubilee, Britain discovered its national pride.

2012 has seen tragedies and discoveries, scandals and exposes: but were you paying attention?

Take our quiz to see if you know who was forced to apologise, who grinned with glee, who made money and who lost it all in 2012.