30/12/2012 06:34 GMT | Updated 30/12/2012 06:36 GMT

Picture Of Shark Attacking Another Shark On A Fishing Pole Goes Viral

A picture of a dramatic tussle between a shark and a fisherman for their juicy catch has gone viral after a New Zealand man posted the snap on photo-sharing site imgur.

The sportsman posted the photo on December 29, saying only minutes after reeling in the catch in waters near Kaiteriteri, New Zealand, he noticed an even bigger shark was willing to fight him for it.

The shark's eyes are white because of a membrane that rolls over the eye to when hunting or under attack, to protect their sight.

Great White shark's don't have this membrane, but instead roll their eyes back in moments of stress.

shark on a pole

'Give me back my son' is the top rated comment on the post

It's not the first time a shark has vyed for a fisherman's catch. Check out this video below, when a species of shark (most likely a bullshark) surprises a group fishing.

WARNING: Video Contains Adult Language

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