New Year's Eve 2012: Revellers Across UK Keep Emergency Services Busy (PICTURES)

As thousands enjoyed the fireworks by the Thames, outside London some revellers took their celebrations too far, with heavy drinking leaving many staggering around the streets after pubs and clubs closed.

In Swansea, one slightly squiffy young lady uprooted a plant and dragged it down the street, while in Newcastle one partygoer looked to have been involved in a fight, while several drinkers passed out on the street.

Police and ambulances services were out in force across the country, in what is traditionally their busiest night of the year.

Superintendant James Tozer from Shropshire Police was tweeting updates as he saw the new year in on duty. He posted a stream of tweets, the first among them saying: "Tonight I have seen grown men crying in the cells with remorse ( or self pity) and I have seen raging bulls refusing to see reason."

Many praised the officer for his policing of the community