Apple iPhone 6: Rumours Grow As Developers See Unreleased Device In Logs


It's a new year - so it's pretty much a certainty that at some point there'll be a new iPhone to go along with it.

But depending on who you believe, that might be coming sooner than you think.

According to several news reports in the tech press, Apple is currently testing its next flagship phone.

The 'iPhone 6' - or possibly the iPhone 5S, based on Apple's previous naming scheme - has turned up in an app developer's logs after making a request from Apple's Cupertino campus.

According to The Next Web, the developer said the device was listed as an "iPhone 6,1", running iOS 7 - also an unreleased product.

It's not much to go on, and several reporters are sceptical of the reports - or else unimpressed since it is virtually a logical certainty that Apple would be trying out new devices behind closed doors. For instance:

Still, it's a nice hint of new tech coming our way in 2013 - and while many commentators think hardware has plataued for the forseeable future maybe we will be surprised after all?

Of course, luckily for you we've already reviewed the iPhone 6 - check it out here.

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