Elite Remake Kickstarter Enters Final Hours Of £1.25m Funding Attempt

Elite Remake Kickstarter Enters Final Hours Short Of Funding Goal

An attempt to fund a remake of the classic video game Elite has entered its final hours - but is still short of its target.

Frontier Developments, run by Elite creator David Braben, is seeking £1.25 million to remake the game.

Elite was a cult hit in the 1980s thanks to its sprawling open-world gameplay and classic science fiction setting. A landmark for its time, the game has since become known as a true pioneer - though the project to remake it has proven tricky.

The proposed new game, 'Elite Dangerous, would theoretically take the game to a new level of detail and realism, with complex space combat, trading and exploration.

The idea has been received warmly by gamers, and 20,500 have so far backed the game.

But with less than 60 hours to go, the project's Kickstarter page has only just passed the £1.2 million mark.

Needing another £50,000 at least to go ahead with development, Frontier admitted that the numbers look "scary" but insisted the target was reachable.

"We have to keep spreading the word. Tell everyone you know whether it be by Twitter, Facebook, forums and comments pages. We need everyone we can to get on board and help get us across the finish line," Frontier wrote on its Kickstarter page.

Braben will hold a Reddit "AMA" question and answer session on Wednesday to try and give the project the final boost it needs to cross the threshold.

Backers are able to donate up to £5,000 for a range of rewards and incentives, including copies of the game, early access to pre-release code and even dinner with the team behind the title.

Budding sci-fi authors can also 'win' the right to produce a work of fiction set in the Elite universe for a pledge of £4,500


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