02/01/2013 10:09 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Kathy Griffin Simulates Oral Sex On Anderson Cooper Live On Air During NYE Broadcast

Comedian Kathy Griffin certainly got into the party spirit when she appeared on CNN this New Year's Eve.

For co-host Anderson Cooper, 2013 began with a bang when the self-described D List celebrity simulated oral sex on him, live on air.

Griffin is a CNN New Year's Eve regular and has previously tried to strip to her underwear and used the f-word on air.

'My eyes are up here': Anderson Cooper pulls up Kathy Griffin

This year, she outdid herself by getting down on her knees and attempted to kiss Cooper's crotch, telling him: "I can do this all night long."

Cooper pulled the American comedian up, asking her if she "dropped something". But Griffin, undeterred, got down again, telling the veteran broadcaster "you know you want to."

The CNN anchor, who kept a smile on his face throughout the saucy exchange, told her he was "not interested" and "never had been."

Visibly embarrassed: Cooper covered his eyes during the live broadcast

Before the real action began after midnight, Griffin had also referred to her co-hosts genitals live on air, saying: "I'm going to tickle your sack… You can say sack [on air.] That's not bad."

Down she goes: Cooper demurred by Griffin was undeterred

Cooper, keeping up, stuttered: "I don't know what you're talking about. I have no sack of gifts here… I did not bring a sack of Christmas presents."

Before the show was broadcast she tweeted a picture of topless Cooper in the shower, while he wrote "I want to apologize in advance to anyone @kathygriffin pokes fun of/makes out with/strips down in front of/punches."

The comedienne and hinted to her close relationship with her co-host in a separate post during the show, writing "How embarrassing. @AndersonCooper can't keep his hands OFF me. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!"