Sickly? Artist Creates Life-Size Chocolate Baby Heads

Sickly? Artist Creates Life-Size Chocolate Baby Heads


If you're hoping to stick to a new year diet, these cakes will help you well on your way to avoiding the sweet stuff.

Artist Annabel de Vetten has created a range of life-size chocolate baby heads for chocoholics to get their teeth into.

Annabel, 41, creates the terrifying treats using melted chocolate poured into moulds. She then hand-paints each head with edible food paint to give the babies life-like features.

The cake artist from Birmingham first made the heads after receiving a commission with a specific request to 'shock people' (congrats Annabel, you certainly did it!).

But they somehow proved very popular, and Annabel has received numerous orders for the £35 heads, which each weigh just under one kilogram and contain a whopping 5,000 calories.

"The look of the heads is quite controversial but if everybody liked them then it wouldn't be as fun to make them," says Annabel.

"At first, I found them a little bit disturbing but the more of them you see and create, the more you just get used to them. I was asked to make them to shock people and that's what I've done so from that point of view, I've accomplished the mission.

"It's quite surprising really but I don't actually like chocolate that much and there had to be a lot of experimenting to get the heads exactly how I wanted them to be but now that I have I think they're great."

If you're unsure how you would actually get into the chocolate head, think of it as an Easter egg - a light tap should do it. Or, as Annabel helpfully suggests, whack it with a hammer.


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