Elite Dangerous Kickstarter Passes Funding Target


The classic video game Elite will be remade after its creator raised more than £1.25 million on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

Elite was a cult hit in the 1980s thanks to its sprawling open-world gameplay and classic science fiction setting.

A landmark for its time, the game has since become known as a true pioneer - though the project to remake it proved trickier than some expected.

The proposed new game, 'Elite Dangerous, aims to take the game to a new level of detail and realism with complex space combat, trading and exploration.

But Frontier Developments, run by Elite creator David Braben, picked an ambitious fundraising target, and at times it appeared that it might not match it.

With four days until its deadline the game still made more than £100,000 to raise. Had the time expired before the line was crossed, the team behind it would have received nothing.

But a late funding drive saw donations pour in on Wednesday, with the game pulling in around £80k in pledges in 24 hours.

More than 21,600 people have now backed the game for various amounts of cash, in return for promises of early access, extra content and even dinner with the developers.

Budding sci-fi authors can also 'win' the right to produce a work of fiction set in the Elite universe for a pledge of £4,500

Braben said on Twitter that it was "truly exciting, touching and really wonderful" that the new game had been funded.

Frontier are still seeking more pledges in order to meet "stretch goals", including producing a Mac version of the game.

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