03/01/2013 07:36 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Essex Deer Causes Chaos On Chelmsford High Street

A deer has injured a woman in Essex after racing headlong down a crowded high street in Chelmsford.

Leaping down the main road, the large deer crashed into the unnamed woman's face, who was treated for a black eye and facial lacerations, reported the BBC. She was taken to Broomfield hospital but later discharged.

The male deer was last seen charging off towards the A12 on Sunday afternoon and has not been sighted since. The below CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment the confused deer careered into the road.

Deer causes chaos

It's not the first time unusual creatures have caused chaos in urban areas. Reported sightings of a lion in Clacton-on-Sea sparked a hunt that included two police helicopters using heat-seeking equipment as well as armed police and zoo workers with tranquilliser guns.

Police eventually called off the search saying they believed the sightings could be a "large domestic cat" or "wildcat."

The snap that sparked the hunt for the Essex 'lion' - now believed to be a large domestic cat

More recently police detained an escaped emu after it was spotted casually strutting through a town during rush hour.

The emu ruffled a few feathers

The escaped 4ft bird was seen in Barnstaple north Devon at 8am in November.

Although the Australian native was in a state of panic officers managed to coax it into the rear of the police car and call the owner, a police spokesman said.