Has North Korea's First Lady Ri Sol-Ju Given Birth To Kim Jong Un's Baby?

The headlines have been all about the new Kim and Kanye baby, but is there another baby Kim in a Pyongyang nursery?

New pictures of leader Kim Jong-Un's wife Ri Sol-ju attending a New Year's party showed her in a tight-fitting, fetching burgundy suit, with no sign of the suspected pregnancy curves.

In early December, North Korea's state TV showed her attending a memorial service for her husband's late father Kim Jong-il in mid-December, she wore a concealing loose-fit traditional dress.

A slim-looking Ri Sol-Ju, at a New Year party, prompting speculation she has given birth

South Korea media went into speculative frenzy after the pictures were released of the New Year Party, which featured an all-woman band singing a version of "When a Child is Born", made popular by Johnny Mathis.

According to AFP, "The bulging stomach has gone down ... has Ri Sol-ju given birth?" asked the Dong-A Ilbo daily.

North Korea's Ri Sol-ju has been married to Kim Jong-Un since 2009, according to reports

"Ri Sol-ju with her tummy reduced in 11 days. Has she come out right after childbirth?" ran the caption in the Chosun Ilbo daily.

A South Korean government official, quoted by Yonhap news agency, said Ri "appeared to have already given birth, based on analysis of the TV images."

The piece was headlined: "Weight loss by N Korea's first lady fuels speculation of child birth."

A pregnant-looking First Lady in early December

There has been no official word from North Korea, which has traditionally kept First Ladies out of the spotlight.

The couple's marriage was only confirmed last July by Pyongyang, despite South Korea intelligence reports in local media stating the couple had been wed since 2009, and already have one child.