Hilarious Panda Cheese Adverts (VIDEO)

So the compilation above may not, it turns out, contain the newest commercials around. But a) it's going viral right now and b) it's made us laugh like loons - so we thought it rude not to bring it to you.

Just click play to enjoy not one but five (count 'em!) Panda Cheese adverts - in which our furry hero appears in a supermarket, an office, a kitchen and a hospital... all to very menacing effect. Yes, siree - this is the hardest animal to appear in a commercial since the John West bear kicked that fisherman's ass.

Panda Cheese hails from Egypt, incidentally, and is not made from panda milk. Because that would just be silly. Although not as silly as a load of pandas turning up in London, of course...

Panda Awareness Week 2012

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