Honduran Ambassador To Colombia Fired After 'Wild Prostitute Party'

The Honduran ambassador to Colombia has been fired after a "wild" Christmas party involving alleged prostitutes and the theft of a number of computers.

Perhaps worst of all, someone also allegedly defecated in an office, reports the Guardian.

According to the BBC, the ambassador, Carlos Rodriguez, was forced to resign to "to safeguard relations with Colombia".

Last year, US Secret Service agents were caught in a similar scandal

Colombian police colonel, Jose Elias Baquero, said police were looking for “contracted women” who attended the party which was arranged by an aide on December 20th.

Two laptops and a few mobile phones were stolen.

Embassy staff came to work the next day to find carnage and a sleeping man in the laundry room.

The Honduran government is holding an investigation although it is still unknown if the ambassador was present at the party.

Baquero said in a statement: "Jorge Mendoza, an employee of the Embassy of Honduras, received us and informed us that the previous night there had been a party inside the Honduran Embassy, in some of the offices and that two computers had been stolen.

"The sparse information that this man gave to the Bogota police is that they hired two sex workers from the Chapinero district but he did not give us any description of these people."

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