Drink Driving Admission On Facebook Leads To Arrest Of Teenager Jacob Cox-Brown

Drink Driving Admission On Facebook Leads To Teen's Arrest

Things You Shouldn't Do While Drunk:

1. Drive.

2. Update your Facebook status.

3. Update your Facebook status to admit that you've driven drunk.

4. Add a sarcastic/facetious emoticon to said Facebook status.

But guess what? That's exactly what teenager Jacob Cox-Brown did:

And not surprisingly, it led to his arrest.

Two Facebook 'friends' of Cox-Brown contacted Astoria Police in Oregon after seeing their pal's status update - promptly leading officers to go to his house. There, they found a vehicle that matched the damage done to two vehicles in a hit-and-run accident earlier that morning - and arrested the 18-year-old, charging him with two counts of 'Failing to Perform the Duties of a Driver'.

And how did Cox-Brown respond? "The people who called me out, they’re obviously not my friends, you know?," he told KATU-TV. "True friends, like I said, they know me. They know I’m a sarcastic [expletive]. They laughed about it. I’ve posted sh*t like that on there, and it’s never blown up like this.”

Oh, dear. Still, never mind, Jacob: we've got some great new friends for you right here...

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