Is Psy's Right Now The Next Gangnam Style? (VIDEO)

It may have been the biggest song of 2012, but even Psy is getting tired of Gangnam Style.

The South Korean pop star's hit spawned a thousand parodies and became the first video to hit one billion views on YouTube.

And while Psy rang in the new year doing the giddy-up in New York's Times Square, he's hanging up the hit and concentrating on his next move.

Clip-on six pack. There's the Psy we know and love!

He told Rolling Stone: "The song became too popular, and so you start to have some concern about its life period. I'm working really hard on a new single right now."

So, while we cool our heels and wait for his next offering, let us refer you to Psy's earlier hit Right Now - which happens to currently be the third most-viewed video on Psy's official YouTube channel (not counting a handful of other Gangnam-related clips.)

The video sees a bespectacled Psy leaping out of his car and dancing on the bonnet during an arduous-looking traffic jam. He also performs a variety of moves whilst wearing a clip-on six pack.

As Buzzfeed points out, the mostly-positive feedback below the song offers evidence Psy's fans are sure he's no one trick pony and are touting it as his next big success.

What do you think?