South Korea

"Was this why I could never shake that lonely gnawing in my belly when I was growing up? Was she the reason?"
"In America, I am used to being othered because I am not white. But it’s a special kind of alienation to feel othered by your own people."
President Yoon Suk Yeol broke out into song at the White House.
A total of 154 people died on Saturday night.
"Because we were forbidden from yelling or singing, I could hear some fans letting out whimpers, as if trying to get out their emotions any way they could."
The country fired two ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan, according to South Korea on Wednesday.
Company set up by former PM received more than £180,000 in September alone.
The actions were likely an effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, South Korea’s military said on Thursday.
Here's what you need to know about the new NHS plan for curbing the spread of Covid-19 in the UK.
The UK is 'past the peak' of the coronavirus outbreak, Boris Johnson has confirmed. Here's the latest.