Rupert Murdoch Accused Of 'Misunderstanding Science' After Tweeting Carbon Emissions Lead To Greener Forests

From calling phone hacking victims scumbags to taking on scientologists, Rupert Murdoch isn't afraid to use Twitter to voice his controversial opinions.

This time, he's angered environmentalists and been accused of a "fundamental misunderstanding of science" by implying having more carbon in the atmosphere may be a good thing.

"World growing greener with increased carbon. Thirty years of satellite evidence. Forests growing faster and thicker," he says, citing an article in the Wall Street Journal by journalist Matt Ridley which reports "green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades."

Rupert Murdoch said the world was growing greener with increased carbon

According to those in the know, the truth is a little bit more complicated, with carbon able to both feed plants and warm the planet.

Colin Butfield, Director of Campaigns for WWF told The Huffington Post UK Murdoch's comments were not fully accurate.

"It is obviously true forests soak up C02 which is one of the major reasons for protecting forests. Unfortunately, we're losing them at a fast rate but the reasons why forests grow in the way they do is partially because they take C02 out of the atmosphere but also because of predictable weather, rainfall, soil - climate change will disrupt those things.

"To think that merely having more C02 in the atmosphere will lead to better forests growth is a misunderstanding of science. It doesn't happen."

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