Atton Conrad's Light Dresses Are Beautiful (If Not Exactly Practical)

You're unlikely to find them in the January sales - in fact, you're unlikely to find them anywhere outside these photographs - but photographer Atton Conrad's 'light dresses' are beautiful all the same.

The London-based artist created his flowing gowns using light brushes in a dark studio, then photographed his models using a remote controlled, long exposure camera.

'Light Dress' by Atton Conrad

The result is a sort of parody of fashion - a world in which he used to work.

"I started off in fashion but my work was probably too conceptual to sell clothes," Conrad told us.

"To be honest I was a little frustrated, and this project was in part a rebellion against those limitations. I wanted to create clothes that could not (yet) exist."

The shots appeared in 125 Magazine, and soon he had companies as varied as 02, The Wellcome Trust and Louis Vuitton knocking at his door, meaning he could leave fashion behind and focus on advertising, where he says "concept is lauded".

Light Dresses