Piers Morgan Gets Boxing Offer From John Prescott To Take On Radio DJ Alex Jones

Under fire from America's gun lobby, Piers Morgan found himself on the receiving end of a bizarre rant from conspiracy theorist and radio DJ Alex Jones.

Appearing with Morgan on CNN, the shock-jock descended into a farcical diatribe over gun ownership, managing to wind himself up to the point of eruption with his "antagonist" barely having to say a word.

But Morgan has no need to despair.

The beleaguered TV host, who faces calls for his deportation due to his anti-gun stance, has received an offer of help he'd be stupid to turn down.

John "is that an egg, mate?" Prescott took to Twitter offering to train up Morgan so he can take on Jones in a boxing match.

Maybe he's on to something.

Politicians training TV hosts to take on right-wing American nuts sounds far better than Tom Daley teaching z-list celebs how to dive...

Watch Jones explain the days events in his own unique style below...