ReadQuick: iOS Fast Reading App Flashes One Word At A Time (VIDEO)

"You know the most annoying thing about reading? All the paragraphs? Am I Right? The way they're all jumbled together and hard to read! If only there was a better way. A way that didn't involve moving your eyes..."

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly that? If so, you may be in luck. A new iOS app ('ReadQuick') thinks it has a solution - incessantly flashing up one word at a time, so fast you can barely see them.

The app links in with various reading services like Instapaper, and then displays long or short articles as streams of blinking words, which you're supposed to passively absorb.

The app claims to be able to burn through articles far quicker than you'd be able to do by moving your eyes on your own.

Watching the video, it's hard to tell if this is useful or just really upsetting, in a way more reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange than anything else.

Still, it's worth a shot - just think how more tech news you could burn through if...