Squirrel Stranded In Hertfordshire Pond Rescued By Fire Crew (PICTURES)

A squirrel has been dramatically rescued by fire crews after becoming stranded in a pond.

Three fire engines attended and seven firefighters with two ladders helped to rescue the rodent from the pond, after a resident called to say it had fallen in.

The squirrel could not climb back up the steep concrete walls and had taken refuge on a small island of rocks in the high street pond in Waterford, Hertfordshire.

Safe at last: The bedraggled rodent scampers to dry land

Crews from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue put a ladder onto the island so the creature could crawl along it and one fireman got into the water to help it along.

The squirrel managed to doggy-paddle to the ladder, before climbing up the rungs and jumping on to dry land.

A spokesman for Herts Fire and Rescue said: "Three fire engines attended after a squirrel became stranded on an island."

Squirrels can swim, using their tail as a rudder, but it is very strenuous for them and only done if absolutely necessary.


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