Icelandair Passenger Taped To Seat - Now Footage Emerges (VIDEO)

WATCH: Video Of Drunk Icelandair Passenger Taped To Seat

Turns out he was taped in more ways than one.

Yes, footage has emerged of the drunk Icelandair passenger who had to be restrained during a flight from Reykjavik to New York.

A photo of the man - who has since been named as 46-year-old Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson - went viral this week:

And now, in the clip above - which was taken by a fellow passenger - Arthorsson can clearly be seen in all his taped-up, restrained, moaning, erm, glory.

Icelandair's vice-president of corporate communications Gudjon Arngrimsson, confirmed that a passenger on one of their flights had to be restrained after he showed "dangerous behaviour", including using threatening language and repeatedly spitting on other passengers and the flight crew.

Arthorsson was escorted off the plane by police at JFK airport, but wasn't prosecuted. According to the New York Daily News, he was treated for alcohol poisoning and soon made it back to Trinidad and Tobago, where he works.

Dear, oh dear. Still, presumably Mr Arthorsson has learned his lesson. Which is, obviously: it's actually REALLY easy to remove duct tape from your mouth!

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