'Inception': The Honest Trailer (VIDEO)

WATCH: If The 'Inception' Trailer Was Honest

Oh, people of Honest Trailers, how we love thee. We love thee even more than 'Romeo And Juliet'-era Leonardo diCaprio - that's how we love thee. Particularly now that you've brought us the honest trailer for 'Inception'.

Yes, they've turned their hands to the likes of 'The Lord Of The Rings', 'The Avengers' and 'Twilight: Eclipse' - but we think the latest honest trailer, for Christopher Nolan's mind-blowing/pretentious (depending on your viewpoint) blockbuster, is possibly their finest.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as "a sidekick whose only job is to explain the plot" and tackling such issues as 'How come Leonardo diCaprio can fight his way through any physical challenge yet can't squeeze down a small alleyway?', it's a slice of (honest) brilliance.

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