Robot Baby Diego-San Is The Creepiest Ever Made (VIDEO)

Robots have a problem: they're creepy. Perhaps it's the metal hands, or the constant threat of over-throwing all of humanity.

Still, some robots are creepier than others. And this is probably the worst.

Diego-san is a new robotic baby built by the Machine Perception lab at UCSD.

It was built with Kokoro and Hanson Robotics, in an attempt to better understand how children develop, and to be fair it's impressive as a machine.

The robot has 44 pnematic joints and the head alone has 27 different moving parts. But the result as a whole is utterly terrifying. It falls headlong and screaming into the Uncanny Valley, and all that's left is a disembodied head on a metal skeleton, its souless gaze piercing your very humanity.

Take a look, above.

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