Amazon AutoRip: Customers To Get Free Digital Copies Of Every CD Bought Since 1998


Amazon has announced that will provide users with a free digital copy of every CD they've ever bought.

The new service - AutoRip - will upload free copies of the albums into its Cloud Player library, at the point of purchase and retroactively.

Every Music Player-compatible album bought since 1998 will be included, and the albums won't count against the storage limits built into its Cloud Player service.

The move is designed to encourage Amazon users to switch to its cloud-based player over alternatives like Spotify, iTunes and Google Music.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, said:

"What would you say if you bought music CDs from a company 15 years ago, and then 15 years later that company licensed the rights from the record companies to give you the MP3 versions of those CDs... and then to top it off, did that for you automatically and for free?"

The service will launch in the US initially, but a UK launch - while unannounced - is expected eventually.

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