Jerusalem Snow Makes City Look Beautiful But Closes Roads And Schools (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Holy Snow

Jerusalem must arguably already be one of the most beautiful cities in the world but just look what a sprinkling of the wintry white stuff does.

The largest snowfall since 1992 caught the city by surprise, closing schools and causing many unprepared drivers to spin off the roads.

Andrea DiCenzo, the photographer who took the pictures below on Thursday morning, said: "I got up right before sunset to just blanketed cars, streets, trees.

"It was incredible to wake up to. I think it gave a lot of shock and awe to the whole scene.

"This is just such a beautiful city and having the thick snow on the landscape was incredible, lots of kids and families were out just taking in the views and enjoy the rare sight.

"Schools, buses, trains were closed. People were urged to stay at home. Israel doesn't have the infrastructure to deal with snow like this, nor does anywhere else in the middle east!"

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