Radio-Controlled Drone With HD Camera Meets Moose (VIDEO)

There is no shortage of amusing (and horrifying) videos concerning drones on the Internet.

But there definitely aren't enough videos of the same combined with videos of large woodland mammals.

Now thanks to Eirik Solheim, that balance has started to be redressed.

He recently posted a clip recorded with a remote controlled helicopter, outfitted with a front-facing HD camera.

At first everything was normal - snow, trees, more snow. But then he saw the moose.

What followed was a heart-warming confrontation between machine and moose. And while the encounter didn't teach either party very much, it has certainly resulted into a compelling video.

"The video was shot just outside of Oslo," Solheim said.

"We have a lot of moose roaming around the woods here in Norway. And some of them very close to the city. They're shy of people, dogs and other living creatures, but are pretty used to the sound of cars, trains, helicopters, planes etc. To see a moose is not very uncommon in Norway.

"This moose is probably a 1,5 year old female. She seems more curious than afraid. And we spotted her again from far up in the sky later. Still calmly walking around eating in the same wood."

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