11/01/2013 05:13 GMT | Updated 11/01/2013 05:38 GMT

Arsène Wenger Says £62 Arsenal-Manchester City Ticket Prices Are 'Fair'

Arsène Wenger has risked the wrath of football supporters after he claimed the extortionate £62 price of a ticket for Manchester City fans at Arsenal was "fair".

The Gunners entertain City at the Emirates in the Premier League this Sunday but the build-up to the fixture has been dominated by the cost for away supporters.

City, allocated 2,900 tickets, sent 800 back to Arsenal after some fans could not justify the cost while others have been vocal in that they are boycotting the fixture.

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Wenger, usually a sensible speaker, has however joined the ever-growing list of detached football personalities.

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"They have a choice. They can choose to go to Manchester United. They can choose to go to Manchester City. They can choose to go to Barcelona. You can choose to go to the theatre or not. Of course it's fair," the Frenchman said at his press conference.

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Last season the Premier League champions sold out an extended allocation of 5,200 tickets, priced at £20 and £10, for their League Cup quarter-final win at the Emirates.

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But for the Premier League, City is now billed as a Category A game due to the success they have enjoyed over the past few seasons.

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City ended their 35-year wait for a trophy in 2011, usurping Arsenal in the league table in the process, before winning their first title in 44 years last year.

The Football Supporters' Federation estimated this week Premier League clubs could afford to cut the price of tickets by £32 due to the revenue generated by the latest TV deal.

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