Old Men Sing 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' In Coffee Shop (VIDEO)

What's that? No, it's nothing. We just have something in our eye.

Yes, move over cat who just wants to be petted. There's a new heatwarming viral video in town.

And it shows a group of (largely elderly) Canadian gentlemen singing Elton John's 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight', beautifully, a capella. 'A capella' being Italian for 'in a branch of Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Horton's', of course.

Ladies & Gentlemen, these fine singers are proud memners of The Entertainers. The Oakville Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. They meet every Monday for general rehearsal and follow it up with a coffee & donut at the Tim Hortons. Thank you for posting this. It will bring joy to these men.

Well, it's certainly brought joy to us. But then, videos of people singing together in an unexpectedly beautiful version of a pop song usually do. Such as when this choir and orchestra performed 'Call Me Maybe':

We can't wait for The Entertainers' next show tune video to be uploaded. And of course it would be singing a show tune. There's no country for old men! (Sorry.)

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