Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse In Numbers: 214 Victims Over 54 Years (INFOGRAPHIC)

Jimmy Savile abused up to 214 victims between over 54 years, with the last offence being record in 2009, two years before he died.

The full scale of his abuse may never be known, but the numbers of victims in the NSPCC/Police report into his crimes are staggering.

Commander Peter Spindler of the Metropolitan police said Savile "groomed the nation" using his star status to "hide in plain sight."

"Savile's offending footprint was vast, predatory and opportunistic. He cannot face justice today, but we hope this report gives some comfort to his hundreds of victims. They have been listened to and taken seriously.," he said.

The offending footprint of Jimmy Savile

Detective Superintendent David Gray, the police' leading investigator said Savile spent "every minute of every waking day thinking about it whenever an opportunity came along he has taken it. He is programmed to think and act in that way. He only picked the most vulnerable, the ones least likely to speak out against him."

Peter Watt, NSPCC Director of Child Protection Advice and Awareness, who co-authored the report, said that the scale of Savile's abuse "simply beggared belief."

Savile spent 'every minute of every waking day' thinking about abusing children

"We know from the huge increase in calls to the NSPCC helpline about sexual abuse that the problem did not die with Savile," said Mr Watt.

"It's clear Savile cunningly built his entire life into gaining access to vulnerable children," he added.

The report revealed that Savile was accused of sexually touching a teenage hospice patient, aged 13 to 16.

These are the offences of a man who went from national hero to being unmasked as one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders.

He carried out his abuse in 13 hospitals, over 50 years, including in Great Ormond Street.

The oldest victim was 47.

The youngest was an 8-year-old boy.

The majority were aged 13-16.

174 female victims, 18 of them under 10 years old.

40 male victims, 10 of them under 10 years old.

He carried out abuse while at the BBC for more than 40 years, from 1965-2006.

He is thought to have committed 126 acts of indecent assault, and 34 rapes.

214 criminal offences have been formally recorded.

73% of Savile's victims were children.

The majority of his victims were between 13-16.

He assaulted children and young girls 33 times in TV and radio studios, and 14 times in schools.