'One Second Everyday' App Released: Make Every Day One To Remember (VIDEO)

An app which claims to make every day one to remember has been released on Apple's iOS App Store.

The 'One Second Everyday' App aims to help document your life by recording a single second of video every 24 hours.

It has been released after a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, which saw it receive more than two and a half times its original goal of $20,000.

The app is very simple, and is designed simply to remind you to take a short clip each day. It then stitches the clips together, and allows you to export a completed film when you want to review your progress.

It includes alerts to remind to you record your clips, and back up your videos to iCloud.

The result is often surprisingly moving - a video slideshow of memories and little details, which reminds you of how quickly time passes and how precious each moment really is.

The app's maker, Cesar Kuriyama, said:

This particular project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life that I think everyone could benefit immensely from doing it too. It's easy to do--the process requires very little time or effort, but now I'm trying to make it even easier, so everyone everywhere can experience this exciting project.

The app is available now for 69p. A few users have reported issues with the first version of the app, including problems with front-facing cameras, but the developers have promised an update soon.

The app was also the subject of a TED talk in 2012 - take a look here.