Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Display Orders 'In Half' After Weaker Than Expected Sales?

Apple has reportedly 'halved' its orders for iPhone 5 displays on 'weaker than expected demand'.

The unconfirmed reports, published by the Wall Street Journal, claim that Apple over-estimated how popular its new smartphone would be.

The newspaper quoted people "familiar with the matter", as saying that the company has cut its orders for displays.

For January to March 2013 alone Apple has cut its orders in half, the report said. It is thought orders for other parts have also been dropped.

Another report, from Nikkei, said that Sharp and Japan Display, who make iPhone screens, have also cut their orders for displays by 50%.

It says that Apple had originally ordered 65 million displays but cut that order "in response to lower than planned global sales of Apple's iPhone 5".

A translation of the Japanese article even described sales as "sluggish".

Apple has not commented on the rumours, and defenders cite record sales for the handset on its release in October 2012.

It is possible there are other explanations for the slowdown, including preparations for a new handset which could be released sooner than expected.

But Amid growing competition from Samsung and other phone manufacturers, Apple could simply be suffering from a straightforward slowdown in sales.