14/01/2013 04:41 GMT | Updated 15/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Apple Store Car Crash: Lincoln Park Store Hit By Out-Of-Control Driver

A car has crashed directly into an Apple store in Chicago - but you can write your own Apple Maps jokes.

One person was injured after an "elderly" man crashed his car through the glass front of the Apple store in Lincoln Park.

Emergency teams responded to the incident at 6.30 PM local time, and found a dark-coloured Lincoln car inside the shop.

The injured person - not the driver - was in a "good condition" on Sunday, police said.

According to local news reports, "gawkers" carrying mainly iPhones stopped by the store to take photographs and post them online.

"At that point I hear tires screeching and then I turned around and I looked and saw this car coming into the store. I saw it still coming so I ran so I could get out of the way because I thought it was going to hit me," said a witness, according to ABC.