Cleaner Steals Train, Crashes It Into House In Stockholm (PICTURES)

Cleaning Lady Steals Swedish Train And Crashes It Into House

A cleaner has been arrested in Sweden after stealing a train and crashing it into a house in a wealthy Stockholm suburb.

The train crashes into the house after becoming derailed from the tracks

The woman commandeered the train shortly before 3am and no passengers were on board at the time, reported English language newspaper the local.

The incident initially caused confusion as Stockholm public transport operators struggled to explain why the train was running so late and how it managed to smash through the barriers, with a spokesperson insisting the train must have been travelling "much faster than usual", according to the Expressen.

The scene in the daylight

Emergency workers rescued one woman from the wreckage, who was taken to Karolinska University Hospital for treatment.

However no one in the Saltsjobaden house was injured.


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