The 6 Online Technologies That Killed HMV (PICTURES)

The 6 Inventions That Killed HMV

Economists and analysts will debate why HMV went into administration for years, but for others the answer is pretty simple: the internet.

For while HMV was able to capitalise on the rise of CDs, DVDs and boxed video games, which it knew how to sell in bulk, when faced with online music sales, home shopping and piracy it was arguably left without an answer.

Among all the online innovations which contributed to finally kill HMV, a few stand out above the rest.

Take a look below for our picks of the six inventions which were most crucial in the retail giant's fall from dominance.

Vote on which you think was the most important - and if we've missed any let us know in the comments.

iTunes (Online Music Sales And Streaming)

6 Technologies Which Killed HMV


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