Nintendo Merging Handheld And Console Divisions - Is A Combined Console Next?

NIntendo In Dramatic Reorganisation

Nintendo will dramatically reorganise its business by merging its handheld and console divisions, it has emerged.

The Japanese gaming giant wants to pool its resources to create new hardware that will "turn heads" according to Nikkei.

Both Nintendo's consoles and handhelds have moved closer in recent months, with the release of the Wii U with its unique touchscreen gamepad.

But despite relatively strong sales in its first month of release, the launch of the Wii U has widely been seen as a slight disappointment.

Likewise the 3DS handheld has also suffered from relatively weak sales, and an underwhelmed critical response.

As a result Nintendo wants to move quicker and unify its work, so it can "create more innovative and attractive products".

From 16 February all 130 console and 150 handheld engineers will be moved into one new team, housed at Nintendo's HQ in Kyoto, Engadget confirmed.

The reports also indicated that the 3DS or its successor may have a future as a controller for the Wii U, with greater interoperability needed in its ecosystem of products.


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