Artist Rosea Lake Goes Viral With Photo About Sexism And Skirt Length

A photo exploring the way women are made to feel judged by the length of their skirt has 'gone viral' after it was posted by an artist from Vancouver.

Graphic design student Rosea Lake posted 'Judgements' earlier this month on her Tumblr account, and it has since been shared more than 200,000 times.

The image shows a series of markers written in pen down the back of a woman's leg, with 'whore' appearing at the top just beneath her bum all the way down to 'matronly' at the calf.

'Judgements' by Rosea Lake

Lake told us what she is trying to achieve with the picture.

"I'm trying to say that women are still caught between a rock and hard place. Many of my peers have the opinion that we as a society have already achieved all the feminist goals that we need to. That is certainly not the case – with female public figures being judged on their appearance first and their ideas second, the overwhelming majority of powerful positions in government and media being held by men, and all the controversy over abortion and birth control... We're definitely not done."

The photo has since been posted on's Facebook page, where the response has been mixed.

One user said: "This graphic is one reason I gave up wearing skirts or dresses decades ago... I am not willing to deal with the judgmental idiots who "think" the length of fabric on a female's lower appendages gives insight into her personality/morals."

Another commented: "I see it as confidence, not asking for it."

What do you think?

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