Most people have no idea that before I became a lawyer turned feminist writer and activist, I was a Hooters Girl.
Forces to log incidents from this autumn, pending possible change to wider law.
The 33-year-old's suspected murder has sparked a huge conversation around women's safety.
Fast food chain said it intended to highlight that "only 20% of chefs are women" – but the joke flopped.
Pregnant Then Screwed argued the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme meant less support for women who had recently had children.
Yoshiro Mori has created a storm in Japan where women are grossly under-represented in politics and in boardrooms.
Critics said the ad was “heteronormative” and “reinforces the view that it is a woman’s job to homeschool”.
From start to finish, one of the defining themes of Donald Trump's presidency was his profound anxiety about masculinity.
The EHRC found no unlawful acts of pay discrimination. It did not investigate the Samira Ahmed case.
Anne Ruston went on to praise Scott Morrison for his support – when she was finally able to get a word in.