Yes Really – This Is How Many Women Agree With Andrew Tate's Views

The online influencer is facing charges of human trafficking and rape.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I would assume you’ve heard of Andrew Tate. If you aren’t aware of the infamous social media personality, Tate first rose to fame after being removed from Big Brother in 2016 over a video of him attacking a woman with a belt (which he claims was edited).

Over the years, Tate has been known for his comments relating to work, success, and women, particularly for misogynistic comments.

Tate and his brother were arrested on 29 December 2022 for suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and creating an organised crime group.

Despite his videos being clearly misogynistic, there are concerns that Tate is quite popular amongst young boys on social media.

But what do adults think about the prominent social media star?

In the UK, 63% of Brits are familiar with Andrew Tate. Out of that number, 49% of people aren’t too fond of Tate, according to new research from YouGov.

Whilst 6% shockingly have a positive of opinion of him and 8% haven’t made up their minds about the social media influence.

Unsurprisingly, men and young men are most likely to have an optimistic view of Tate. While 12% of all men see Tate in a good light, interestingly, this increases to 27% of 18-29-year-old men. Women on the other hand aren’t the biggest fans of Tate as only 3% of all women hold positive views of the social media personality.

The good news is that those who have say they have heard of him 69% disagree with ‘the sort of things that he says,’ including 59% of those who “strongly” disagree.

Fortunately, only 14% say they agree with him generally, including just 4% who do so strongly.

But what do those people who like Tate agree with him on? Well, 78% say they agree with his views about work and success, 64% when it comes to masculinity and being a man, and worryingly 54% agree with his opinions on how women should be treated.

But, one in three of those with a favourable view of Tate (34%) say they disagree with his opinions regarding women.

You might be shocked to know that, 34% agree with Tate’s view that it can be a woman’s fault if she’s been raped or sexually abused.

46% of people agree with Tate’s view that a woman is a man’s property whilst 56% say they believe he thinks it is a man’s duty to look protect and provide for his wife.

Fortunately, overall only 2-3% of Britons agree with Andrew Tate’s on women, however, the results show that we should all be having conversations around influencers who share misogynistic views. It’s not easy but we don’t want to raise a generation of young boys who hold Andrew Tate’s views.