1 In 10 British Men Are ‘Secret' Make-Up Wearers, Survey Finds

Many British men are secretly wearing make-up to hide their imperfections, a survey has revealed.

According to the findings, 1 in 10 men have turned to cosmetics to enhance their appearance, with men from Newcastle most likely to wear make-up, followed closely by men who come from Essex. For a visual cue think Geordie Shore and TOWIE.

Of the 1,831 men polled by luxury designer discount site, 11% admitted to wearing make-up: 52% put slap on regularly and 22% wear it every day.

See the most popular products among men below, in reverse order:

#5 Bronzer

Top Five Make-Up Products Among Men

More than one third of the men taking part (37%) said they used fake-tan products; with the majority of these (68%) preferring to use at-home ranges. The remaining 32% said they preferred to go to spray-tanning salons and 14% of men said that they regularly used tanning beds.

According to the survey northerners are more likely to wear make-up than southeners, with just three of the top 10 cities being located in the south.

Cities where men are most likely to wear 'secret' make-up

1. Newcastle

2. Essex

3. Liverpool

4. Leeds

5. Edinburgh

6. Manchester

7. Exeter

8. Nottingham

9. Cardiff

10. Middlesbrough