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“The world may be chaotic, so I control what I can, and right now, that’s my moisturiser.”
Face mask brackets are meant to stop your makeup from smudging and glasses from steaming up.
"Why do you think people wear makeup?" I asked her. I was both surprised and heartened by her response.
Almost as many women were asked to dress more sexily or provocatively during video meetings, new research shows.
As early as March, some makeup counters moved to "touch-free" beauty experiences.
While we'd usually champion doing whatever you want, experts are advising we should finish our faces before leaving the house in the current Covid-19 climate.
When was the last time you picked up a pot of moisturiser at Boots and read the packaging in full? It’s easy to dismiss the jumbled jargon decorating our products, but what they symbolise is an important tool in education and understanding what you’re using, how to use it, when it expires and how it can be recycled. HuffPost deciphers the symbols, ingredients list and claims on our beauty products to make digesting your product labels a whole lot easier.
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Your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Here's how often you should clean them – and how to do it.
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