My Boyfriend Insisted I Look Good Without Makeup — So We Broke Up

"I was literally stunned and even a bit scared. I left the room without saying anything."
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In a Reddit post shared to r/RelationshipAdvice, site user u/ThrowRa_Indigo said that her boyfriend always made a point to tell her how good she looked without makeup.

“I’ve always taken it as a compliment, but I still wear makeup every day,” she said.

But just before she posted, the boyfriend took it way too far ― “Yesterday, while I was prepping my face to apply makeup, my boyfriend suddenly came up behind me and threw my foundation bottle onto the floor,” she said.

The poster was understandably upset

The post author shared that she was shocked by the action, which was undoubtedly a leap from his previous comments.

“It smashed everywhere, including on me and I screamed. Mostly because I was so shocked and confused,” she said.

Her boyfriend seemed “a bit” regretful after her reaction, she says. But he claimed he did it “to show me how I don’t need makeup at all.”

“I didn’t know what to say,” the poster added. “I was literally stunned and even a bit scared. I left the room without saying anything.”

She was unsure about what to do next ― at first

Though she was unhappy with his actions, the poster admitted to feeling confused at first.

“Obviously it was a bad idea for him to do it. It was Dior foundation so it cost a lot. But I really can’t decide whether it came from a good place,” she said.

“Was it a misguided attempt to show me he loved me? Or was he just backtracking after making a mistake?” she asked, adding, ” I’m not sure if I’m overreacting. It’s not like he threw it at my head or something.”

Commenters had... opinions

“This isn’t him ‘strongly communicating that you don’t need makeup’ as you said in a comment above. If he feels you don’t need it, great ― noted,” one commenter said.

“This is him communicating that you’re not ALLOWED to wear it, and that’s a nope from me.”

“This 100%. I think my wife is beautiful with or without makeup, but I’ll never prevent her for feeling beautiful with makeup,” another commenter said.

Yet another site user simply wrote, “We don’t date boys who destroy our things.”

The post author broke up with her boyfriend

In an update to her post, shared after she’d posted it and received some replies, the author said “I have broken up with him and asked him to pay for the foundation.”

She shared that the comments helped to cement her decision to leave ― “Thank you for all the helpful comments who helped me realise what I think I knew deep down. His behaviour is a red flag,” she ended the update.

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