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Welcome to everything your sex education classes missed.

From all things sexual pleasure, health and LGBTQ+, to navigating the awkward bits of sex we've been taught not to say out loud – we love shouting about it all.

From the good, the bad, and the downright dirty – it's time to get laid.


NHS England has set an ambitious target to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040.
Loads of products are marketed specifically for vaginal hygiene, and experts reveal whether you really need them.
There has been a 24% rise in this infection over the past four years.
Most of us have heard this piece of seemingly sage advice at some point in our lives.
Syphilis cases have risen to their highest levels since the 1950s, according to a new CDC report. Here's how to spot the condition.
It's estimated that around 107,000 people in the UK are living with HIV – just under 1 in every 600 people
Are you guilty of these? It's time to change your viewpoint.
These simple steps are crucial for everyone to follow.
Incorrect information and stigma has kept women from taking PrEP, a medication that can keep folks HIV-negative.


It may be a little unorthodox, but studies show that it works.
The pharmacist has warned that some of our bank holiday fun could lead to infection.
If you're only focusing on intercourse, sex experts say you're missing out big time.


"Entire days would pass without me being able to come up with a single interesting conversation topic. Doug’s reticence certainly wasn’t helping."
If you find yourself plagued by thoughts of your former partner more often than you'd like, read this.
"New relationship energy" can be fun and exhilarating, but also overwhelming. Here's how to know if yours has become a problem.
This 2024 dating trend is more data-heavy than previous ones.
It's a little bit Southern and a little bit "Thank you, next."
New research looks at how much time — emotional labour, even — women spend decoding men's texts and communication.
Want to make a good first impression? This is where you should focus your energy.
"He was encouraging me to ‘get comfortable and be really urban’ during a conversation."
"This guy asked me what my major was and when I told him it was English, he said, 'Ohh, say something in English for me, baby.'"
As a woman, some of these are icks for me, too, tbh.
"After failing for so long, I was tempted to call off the search."
The "Ocean Eyes" singer was most recently romantically linked to Neighbourhood artist Jesse Rutherford.
"I thought about all those times I sat in his study across from him, aching to ask him if he needed to tell me anything before it was too late. I’d open my mouth, but the words never formed."
"Emma’s not embarrassed or ashamed of our family — she’s just exhausted from all the questions she’s received over the years."
"My sister was the person I was most worried about. Her acceptance of me was paramount to my emotional survival."
Some adoptive, surrogate and queer parents are able to nurse their babies by inducing lactation.
"Simply being a man who has sex with men is not a good enough reason to exclude someone from donating blood."
Women are facing debt or 'dodgy deals' from online sperm donors.