Audi Unveils Light 'Swarms' To Cover The Back Of Your Car (VIDEO)

Audi Unveils Light 'Swarms' To Cover The Back Of Your Car

Audi has revealed a bizarre new car with a 'swarm' of lights on its back.

The technicolour vehicle uses 'organic' OLED tech, and features thousands of tiny red lights covering the width of the boot.

The idea is for the lights to react to the movements of the car, informing drivers behind it what the driver is doing.

They are designed to look like 'swarms' of animals, according to the Mail Online, and move faster as the car speeds up.

When the driver turns, the red lights respond by 'flowing' in the direction of travel, and when the car slows they gather together in pools.

It was one of a series of ideas recently presented at CES in Las Vegas, which also includes laser lights and automated parking.

As such the idea is strictly a concept, and motor organisations in the UK have warned that it might prove distracting.

Well, maybe - but it's certainly beautiful. And with the prospect of electric cars zipping around the roads in near silence in future, maybe we need a bit of extra warning about what cars are doing?


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