Snow, Tesco Horse Burgers, Snow, HMV, Snow And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

From "My Lidl Pony" to #horsemeatgate, the week on Twitter - at least if you were a. British and b. looking for funnies - was dominated by the Tesco horsemeat burgers scandal. (Although we have to say: if people are worried about burgers being 29% horsemeat, wait until they find out their lettuces are 90% water.)

And apart from horse burgers there was, of course, snow. Still is. And more to come*.

Plus: the demise of two (count 'em!) high street stores - HMV and Blockbuster - Lance Armstrong's doping confession, the Golden Globes (including that Jodie Foster speech. You know: that one), the announcement of new gun control laws in the States and the subsequent muted response of the NRA.

And here were just some of the tweets about all of the above - and more - that made us smile this week:

The Week In (Funny) Tweets

*Apparently. Please note: we are not official Met Office staff.