Ben Heine's Pencil vs Camera Project Gets Even More Surreal

One of the pleasures of finding an artist you like is watching their work evolve.

In the case of Ben Heine, whose Pencil vs Camera project we first featured in December 2011, it's also a case of seeing how the scope of one good idea can be widened over time.

What began in 2010 with a series of black and white pencil sketches overlaid onto amateur photographs soon developed into intricate colour drawings.

A new 'Pencil vs Camera'

With his new work, 29-year-old Heine has now begun to apply his surreal imagination to already highly-stylised photographs, meaning they're more vivid than ever.

However, after taking the internet by storm over several years working on the project, the Belgian says he is finally getting to the point where he is ready to stop.

"I've had only positive reactions, and now receive tons of requests from worldwide teachers and students willing to teach and learn the concept I invented," Heine told us.

"But this series is reaching an end slowly because I plan to do other things. I want to work on small animations and music production."

Pencil vs Camera

Check our Ben's website and Facebook page to see more of his fantastic work.

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