REVIEW: Girls Series 2 Episode 2 Finds Shoshana And Ray In Love, Hannah With A Republican And Adam In Handcuffs...

'Girls' second episode found Elijah trying to dissuade George from finishing with him because of a) infidelity and b) the small matter of him sleeping with a girl, while Marnie continued to fail to get a job in the art world, forcing her a professional rethink... cue Elijah on her uniform as a club hostess...

Line of the week: Elijah to Marnie: 'You look like a slutty von Trapp child."

Love was flowing smoothly for Shoshana and Ray - "I'd really like to pet a pig with you" - and Jessa and Thomas-John, still relishing the painting-one-another type recreations that surely only newlyweds can enjoy.

Hannah and Jessa's love lives are currently in very different states, but there's always puppies to unite

And it was all going well for Hannah with her Republican Sandy, until the sticking point of her essay, which he didn't much like, turned into a wide-ranging, beautifully passive aggressive breakdown of their relationship.

But fear not, because her one true love Adam was never far away, heartbroken and strumming a guitar into an online abyss, turning up to apologise for "the album" - "I shouldn't have written you such hostile songs" - before disappearing in handcuffs. Such perfect dysfunctional love never did run smooth. He'll be back.