More than a million teenagers struggled to access products last year – and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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Charities tell HuffPost UK the need for free products has "at least doubled, if not tripled" in some parts of the country.
Women have been taking to the streets for hundreds of years in the fight for liberation and equality. From the Women’s March in Versailles in 1789, through the Suffragette and Women’s Liberation Movements, to the global Women’s Marches of 2017, we take a look back through history at the times women have marched for change.
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“The future of our world is only as bright as our girls," wrote the former FLOTUS.
Less than a fifth use the anatomically correct terms with their daughters, opting for phrases like 'bits', 'front bottom', or 'fairy'.
In the village of Miejsce Odrzanskie in Southern Poland, no boys have been born for nearly ten years. Girls in the village are being taught skills that were previously considered traditional male roles, from administering first-aid to fighting fires. Boys are so rare in the village that the mayor is offering a prize to the first parents to have a son. But with the youngest firefighter-in-training just two years old, the girls aren’t letting the lack of men stop them from achieving their goals.